Lockdown and Beyond - The "Director's Cut" by Christophe

Christophe GUAY // Monday, 25 May 2020

It was a Monday 16th March at 20h00 when president Macron announced live to the nation that ‘Nous sommes en guerre” (we are at war). This time with an invisible enemy. From the next day at midday we were obliged to close our office doors and sadly cancel

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End of lockdown in France: travel rules

Christophe GUAY // Friday, 08 May 2020


Rules on travel and transport around France will be relaxed from Monday, though some restrictions remain in place.

The general rule will be a return to more normal daily activity, with no need for an attestation to leave the home, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said today.

However there will be new attestations that you should take if leaving

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Christophe GUAY // Thursday, 09 April 2020

YES! It’s that time of the year again when we start receiving the dreaded income tax form to fill in (from mid-April to Mid-May)! Some of you thought that the new changes with Monthly payments taken at source (prélèvement à la source) would stop that but no, you still have to fill in a form!!
As the forms were not available

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France's New Anti-Waste Laws

Christophe GUAY // Friday, 21 February 2020


The French government has passed far-reaching laws to try and cut down on waste and boost recycling levels. The laws have now been officially added to the statue books but will be introduced in phases. Here's what is happening and when.
The Loi relative à la lutte contre le gaspillage et à l'économie circulaire (law on the anti-waste and to a circular economy) officially came into force on February 11th, but its changes are introduced gradually to give businesses time to prepare.

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France to open Brexit deal residency cards website

Christophe GUAY // Sunday, 02 February 2020

France To Open Brexit Deal Residency Cards Website


A new website for applications for special new 'Brexit deal' residency cards for Britons in France will open in early July 2020 says the French government.

The government says today that it has now closed the website that it created for Britons to apply for the ordinary 'third country citizen' residency cards that they would have required in the 'no-deal' scenario and is working on updating and modifying it.

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