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Leisure Plot On 1048m²
Leisure Plot On 1048m²
Between Ruffec and Civray
Size of Plot: 1,048 m2  
Leisure plot on 1048m², situated in a village at 5 minutes in the north of Ruffec. Not constructible.
Price : 2,500 € HAI | REF # : R5134 Read More
Stone house to renovate
Stone house to renovate
Near Champagne Mouton
Hab. Area m2: 70 m2  
In a charming village close to Champagne-Mouton, stone house to renovate completely.
Price : 7,500 € HAI | REF # : R4768 Read More
Small Building Plot In Ruffec Town Centre On 340m²
Size of Plot: 340 m2  
Small building plot on 340m² in Ruffec. All commerce within a short walk.
Price : 9,000 € * | REF # : R5583 Read More
Building Plot of Land of 1497m2, Near Villefagnan
Size of Plot: 1,497 m2  
Building plot of land of 1497m2, with a metallic hangar. Situated near Villefagnan.
Price : 12,000 € HAI | REF # : R5434 Read More
Village Building Plot
Village Building Plot
Near Ruffec
Size of Plot: 1,520 m2  
Beautiful plot of land on 1520m2, not connected to mains water and electricity (they are available in front of the plot), with a planning permission
Price : 13,000 € HAI | REF # : R5115 Read More
Leisure plot bordering the river Charente
Leisure plot bordering the river Charente
Between Ruffec and Nanteuil-en-Vallée
Size of Plot: 2,850 m2  
Leisure plot, on 2850m², bordering the river Charente. It is ideal for the fishermen ! It is not constructible and not connected to mains water and electricity. In a lovely area, at 5 minutes only from the market town of Ruffec.
Price : 13,000 € HAI | REF # : R5232 Read More
Building Plot On Approx Quater Of An Acre Close to Verteuil-Sur-Charente And Ruffec
Size of Plot: 1,000 m2  
An attractive building plot close to Ruffec and Verteuil-Sur-Charente with some lovely views. Water & electricity is passes the plot, but is not yet connected. On approximately 1000m²
Price : 13,000 € HAI | REF # : R4548 Read More
Building Plot Of Land In Ruffec - Very Close To The Town Centre
Size of Plot: 696 m2  
Building plot of land on 696m², very close to the town centre of Ruffec.
Price : 13,500 € * | REF # : R5552 Read More
Plot Of Land On 1402m² (With One Part Constructible) - Close To Nanteuil en Vallée
Size of Plot: 1,402 m2  
Plot of land on 1402m² (one part is constructible). It is situated in a hamlet between Nanteuil en Vallée and Champagne-Mouton. There are some fruit trees on it.
Price : 13,500 € HAI | REF # : R5218 Read More
Plot Of Land On 2739m² - Close To Nanteuil en Vallée
Plot Of Land On 2739m² - Close To Nanteuil en Vallée
Between Nanteuil-en-Vallée and Lizant
Size of Plot: 2,739 m2  
Plot of land on 2739m², with water and electricity meter in place, situated in a hamlet close to Nanteuil en Vallée.
Price : 14,500 € HAI | REF # : R5377 Read More
Building Plot In A Quiet Hamlet Between Ruffec And Civray On 1182m²
Size of Plot: 1,188 m2  
A level builing plot on just over quarter of an acre. Mains water and electricity is available in the road. However a local syndicat water supply is connected, perfect for watering the garden. On 1182m²
Price : 16,500 € HAI | REF # : R4572 Read More
Buliding Plot With All Services Connected On 1450m² Offering Country Views Close To Civray
Size of Plot: 1,450 m2  
A building plot on 1450m² with all services already connected close to Civray. Open country views.
Price : 18,000 € HAI | REF # : R4853 Read More
Terrain A Bâtir - Villiers Le Roux
Size of Plot: 1,794 m2  
Un terrain à bâtir, non viabilise de 1794m² situé dans le village de Villiers le Roux, non loin de Ruffec et Villefagnan et ses commerces.
Price : 18,000 € HAI | REF # : R5018 Read More
Town Centre Garage in Ruffec.
Town centre garage on 42m² with attic. Roof in very good condition. No water or electric meter. 4.6m wide x 9.2m deep.
Price : 19,000 € * | REF # : R5584 Read More
Building Plot On 2027m² - Between Verteuil And Aunac
Building Plot On 2027m² - Between Verteuil And Aunac
Between Verteuil-sur-Charente and Aunac
Size of Plot: 2,027 m2  
Building plot on 2027m², situated in a hamlet between Verteuil Sur Charente and Aunac Sur Charente.
Price : 19,000 € HAI | REF # : R5215 Read More

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