Since moving into our new home in Voulême a month or so ago, things have now started coming together and I am ready for business. So it’s the perfect time to start the blog and let you know what my plans are for it.

Gardening in France

I am new to the Vienne department in France and whilst I feel that my horticultural experience and preferred selection of plants will be adapted to suit the conditions here, I still have much to learn about the soil, the weather and landscape vernacular here. I am expecting to have some planting failures as well as successes as I learn more, but I guess that is part and parcel of the fun of gardening.


The government has introduced an 80km/h speed limit on countryside roads in France from July 1st 2018 as part of its of new measures to make the country's roads safer despite opposition to the move.

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Witches, Gandalf, Knights, Maidens, Trolls, Wizards, Peasants, Soothsayers and even Shriek were all present for last weekend’s fabulous ‘Fête Médiévale’ in Nanteuil En Vallée. 

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